First Name: Luis
Last Name: Diaz

NUR Performance

Car number

Luis “Danny” Diaz #79 S14 240sx
Danny began drifting in 2009 while stationed in Camp Lejeune,NC Marine
Corp Station. Every chance Danny had he participated in practice
events and competition. Pushing himself more and more to improve his
skill. After a few tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and completing his 5
years in the military, he decided to leave and move to Fort Myers,FL.
Here in Florida he met the craziest drift guys that he had ever met.
These guys in time became great friends and helped him start back into
the drift life. With his family, Team Hinga and friends supporting him
and pushing him for Pro-Am he decided to built a drift car for ProAm.
While driving local events and practicing to improve his skills and
with the help of Nur Performance as his sponsor he is able to continue
what he loves. Danny is looking forward to meeting great drivers while
making great memories with old and new friends.