First Name: Alec
Last Name: McEuen

Jackson Performance
Turbo by Garrett
Friendly Tire Co.
Slideway Graphic

Car number: 12

My name is Alec McEuen and I have been driving for about 2 years. I
drive a 1995 Nissan 240sx s14 Zenki SE. It’s powered by a fully built
Ka24de turbocharged with a Garret Turbo making 500hp. I have been a
huge car enthusiast since I was little and when I discovered drifting
I knew it was something I wanted to do. Cars and racing were always my
escape from hard times growing up with a split family and a less then
supportive father that eventually left the picture completely. I
compete with my Mom at my side at all events who has been the best
parent I could have ever asked for. Together with the help and support
of many others who believe in me and look up to me and my story as
inspiration for their own, we strive to get me into Formula Drift and
encourage others to express themselves and chase down their goals as
well. Along the way we plan to help build on drifting communities we
come across and do our part to keep drifting fun and stay active and
interact with all the people that share the same passion for cars and
racing that I do.