First Name: Adahma
Last Name: Williams


Car number

Adahma Williams
1992 Nissan 240 SX- S13 Hatchback

My love of motorsports started with drag racing… I have always been
involved in with cars, whether from a hobby or within my career. I got
involved in drifting because I had always wanted a 240SX with an RB…
I began drifting in 2007, I had a friend that was from Japan and that
was my first official introduction to the actual sport. Drifting
appealed to me because the style of drifting is very elegant, however
we all know drifting is far from that… My wife refers to it as the
ballet of auto racing. It takes dedication, style, and conscious
efforts for everyone involved. The sport itself can wipeout your bank
accounts, sleep deprive you and also take time away from your family.
I am very blessed, God has given me a family that loves racing… and
family and friends that are incredibly supportive and encouraging. I
have amazing sponsors- they are all incredibly intelligent and
generous. I would like to thank Stage 6 Motorsports, Elite Custom Body
and Paint, River City Powder Coating, Mase Engineering, SBSkateCo,
904Motorsports, Cosmis Racing, Identity Design, Funk Fashion, and all
my family and friends.
Thank You again everyone for all your love and support.

My goal is to turn my hobby into a career. My hopes are to run SWD
ProAm Series to earn a Formula Drift license in 2014 and run the North
American Formula Drift Pro Circuit. We can all dream can’t we…

Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight
of your goal. ~Mario Andretti

Car Specs:
Engine Set Up:
RB25/Precision Turbo 64/66
4inch Turbo Back Exhaust
Greddy Intake Manifold
AEM Series 1 ECU
CP Pistons 9.021
Manley Rods
Supertech Valves 1mm Oversized (Intake and Exhaust)
Supertech Springs and Retainers
N1 Waterpump and Oilpump
Car Specs:
Paint and Body- Kawasaki Green/Carbon Fiber Paint by Elite Custom Body
and Paint
Wheels- Rear (275/35/18) Front (215/40/17) by Cosmis Racing
Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
WiseFab Front and Rear Kits
Momo Racing Seats/Takata Racing Belts
Kouki Tail Lights

Hometown: Jacksonville FL
Daily Job: Mechanical Maintenance
Daily Driver: 1992 Nissan 240SX S13 Coupe
Favorite Food: Harbio Gummi Bears

Hobbies (other than drifting)
Shooting my rifles and pistols
Volunteering my time to help my friends with their cars
Assisting my sponsors at their shops