First Name: Sean
Last Name: Morgan

KG Made
Rev Zero Motorsports
Koru Works

Car number: 3

Before Sean was walking, he would play with toy cars while making
various car noises. Little did he know that his fathers passion for
cars was also to be a huge passion for his growing son.

As Sean grew older he was always influenced by cars throughout his
life. His father owned and operated his own body shop, doing many of
the repairs and painting himself. Sean would always be at his fathers
shop learning new things about cars and dreaming to have his own
rod” one day. Sean started driving at a young age of 10. His first
experience was in a 5-speed Toyota pick up truck. Sean would never
shift to second gear, only staying in first gear, as he followed his
brother around a course behind the shop. As his brother would be
mainly concerned with speed, Sean loved to creep down the gravel path,
give the truck some gas and turn the wheel a bit. Sean didn’t know
what he was actually doing, but loved the feeling of the rear end
sliding out.

As time went on, the feeling of the tail end coming out and trying to
control the vehicle, became Sean’s passion. Either its behind the
wheel of a car or truck. Around that time, drifting in the states was
unheard of. Years passed and he began to learn of this “drifting”
thing. He was amazed and fell in love with this sport.

He decided to give drifting a chance. At his first local drifting
event, he won crowd favorite. The second event he placed 5th in Myrtle Beach, which was a huge accomplishment. Sean honed in on his skills and upgraded his car over the years. He is still growing and learning each time he drives.

Sean has such a love for drifting and has been doing it for six years
now. He really feels as if he has found something he would like to
pursue for the rest of his life. He says, ” I’ve always wanted to
be a race car driver, and I feel as if this is my time to shine.”