First Name: Claude
Last Name: Poirier

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Car number

CLAUDE POIRIER – Driver #22 Nissan S13 Silvia
Claude has been a racing driver as well as a performance driving
instructor for more then 30 years. He has raced in open-wheel series as well as in sedan type series in Camaro and Corvette and in the prestigious Trans Am Series. He is considered a truly qualified professional in his field as one of the premier racing drivers in Canada. Claude got involved in drifting in 2009 and became one of the preeminent drifters in the DMCC Series right out of the gate. In his first season, Claude managed to get on the podium on twoseparate occasions; with a second and a third place, while the 2010season saw him on the podium at Mosport and 2012 on the podium at Montmagny with his second place finish in his new V8 350Z Roadster.

In 2014,Claude will go back to driving his S13 Silvia with the LS7
powered and the Andrew’s dog box and a complete new suspension set
up from Wisefab, with the rocket bunny body kit. His fearless driving
style, natural driving talent and years of racing experiences give him
a significant advantage in the series, both on the track and in front
of the fans and media.