Contingency Partnership Program
The Streetwise Drift Contingency partnership program is an incentive program for competitors and companies within the industry. It is a back-to-back transaction between the teams/drivers and the companies. Contingency Prize sponsors reward competitors that use their products and/or run their signage on the competition car, when they perform well and place on the podium at each event.

The aim is to benefit both the businesses and the competitors. It provides a great opportunity for competitors to associate with relevant companies, use recommended products and reap the benefits of the prizes, whether they be cash or products.

The companies benefit from the program as they gain exposure of their brand through the event as well as pre and post event promotion; they are able to attract new customers by promoting the program actively and by encouraging teams to actively choose their products and/or services.

Companies can apply to become a Contingency Prize Partner by completing the form below which outlines all options.
If selected, the company will be listed and promoted as an official Streetwise Drift Contingency Partner and will need to supply the advised amount of signage/ stickers for the vehicles and specify to Street Wise Drift the selected position of the artwork for the competitors.

Streetwise Drift competitors will be given an outline of the Contingency partnership program and have access to the stickers. Each sponsor may vary but generally if a competitor places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a round and were running the Contingency partners stickers in the specified position they will win the specified prize or prize money provided from that sponsor. In some cases Contingency program partners may select the option to double the prize or prize money if that competitor was also using their products.


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* Please note – it is your responsibility as a Streetwise Drift Contingency Sponsor to directly provide the reward to the competitors. Streetwise Drift will supply you with the contact details and confirmation that the competitor complied with the specified guidelines. By signing below you agreement to supply the confirmed rewards within 2 months of the date you are notified of the winners.