For the 2016 season, Streetwise Drift will be hosting a tech and media Day / “Pre Season event” and 4 Formula Drift Sanctioned ProAM competition events Throughout the East Coast US. The top three in points at the end of the season will be granted a Formula Drift “Pro 2″ Competition License.   To be eligible for FD Licensing Pro AM drivers must participate at all 4 of the Pro AM events.

Pro AM follow the same rules as Formula Drift Pro with some supplemental rules that must be followed in order to be eligible to compete. The Rule books can be found here>

G.A.C.S. ( Grassroots Amateur Competition Series)

Our amateur events allows drivers to drift and learn the ropes as well as have a great time. These events are held monthly, often in conjunction with our ProAM events.

Drift Clinics

Feel Like a challenge?
Could you hold a perfect line while drifting?

It’s the only way to find out! SWD Drift Clinics are open and available to the public and are typically held once a month on Wednesdays

Street-Wise Drift offers drifting courses. Our courses are designed for even the most novice driver. Multiple training exercises will be used to educate drivers step by step in the art of drifting. Learning drifting not only creates lasting memories, but it also sends each participant away with real life driving skills that can be applied to their every day driving both on and off the track. With the help of Street-Wise Drift Drifting Coaches, each participant is encouraged to set their own personal goals and test their limits.

You must bring you own RWD car

We will provide you:
A controlled environment to learn specific skills related to drifting.
Training on:
Initiation Techniques
Making Transitions
Tandem Drifting
What W.A.A.A. means (Watch, Anticipate, Adapt and Attack)
Understanding Judging Criteria
Left Foot braking techniques
Team / Program Management

Contact for booking and dates for the next Drifting Clinic.


Hire us for a Drift Demonstration
In addition to running our local Drifting Competitions and Car shows, we also arrange Drift teams to perform on a demonstration level at other events as crowd entertainment and feature performances.We offer such services to event organizers looking for a group of Drivers to perform with confidence at their event whether inside or outside.We are able to provide a show with great drivers and Great cars. We can provide some of the most amazing public entertainment your crowds will ever see at a motoring or public event.

Forget wheel spinning dough-nuts, we can provide real drifting, twin and triple car drifting, side by side in a controlled and safe environment.

Street-Wise Drift is the only organization in the Charlotte and NC region that has a complete understanding of a professional event and the needs as an organizer. As a leading authority on Drift events we have full insurance to cover these activities from our own policies as a professional organization that has systems in place for Risk Assessment and Health and Safety to cover our content at your event to ensure an exciting, unforgettable and safe show for those who visit.

All our demonstrations are pre-arranged and briefed with specific instructions and show choreography to ensure a seamless performance that you would expect of any professional doing their job. Demonstrations are available throughout the South East ranging from one car to a complete multi car drift battle.

Please contact for more information and or booking info.