What is Drifting?

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What should I expect at a Street-Wise Drift event as a new comer?

We are here to advance the sport of Drifting and encourage participation of any car enthusiast. A typical day for a driver starts in the grid are where you will get your car ready. You will need to at a minimum: To remove all debris from inside the car, Change tires, check pressure and fluids, line up for tech inspection. Talk to fellow racers!! Everyone is very supporting and helpful. We always hold drivers meetings and do a walk through of the course before the start of every event. It is very important that you are quiet (don’t talk) and listen to the course steward and safety stewards when they are giving directions and input. Ask questions afterwards.

What if I’ve never driver or participated at an event like this?
No experience is necessary. Anyone that is licensed to drive and has a helmet can drive at our events. We have experienced staff that will help you understand the dynamics of car control and the techniques used to drift.

What can I expect as a novice driver?
Fun times! We are here to help you get to know your car and your skill level.

How do I make sure my car passes technical inspection?
The basics: Car must be empty of debris, Battery must be sercurly fastened, have functioning seat belts, brakes and steering must be in good working order, no wheel free play. When you register for an event you will be able to print out a tech form. Review it, make sure you are in compliance with it and you will be fine.