Daigo Saito’s 2012 Formula Drift Lexus SC430

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Daigo has recently been hard at working getting ready for the 2012 Formula Drift season. He’ll be competing in a rumored 1200hp Lexus SC430. The car should be completed soon and brought over from Japan shortly. Daigo should be able to keep up with all the V8′s this year with no problem.


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  1. WOW DAIGOZILLA! That turbo is the size of a toilet bowl! You can barely see the Pikes Peak inspired monster wing. I really like the open top style better. I can’t wait to see Robbie’s car finished.

  2. I wonder if he measured the endplates on the wing to make sure they are actually legal

  3. Read it has over 1000 hp. This thing is going to be amazing!

  4. 1200hp. turbolag much?

  5. Once a car passes into 4 digit horsepower is called “horsepowers”

  6. We went over all the rules with him and the wing was one of the topics, so yes it’s with in the rules.

    Nitrous is pretty good at helping turbo lag. Daigo is very familiar with this set up. If anything the new Garrett GTX turbi will spool up better than his old stuff.

  7. Turbo*

  8. My pants are extremely tight now

  9. the 2JZ is known as the “V8 Killer”. We will see if that plays into drifting now.

  10. Can’t frickin wait to see this thing tear up Long Beach.

  11. Daigoooooooo FTW oh man I can’t wait to see him rip it up

  12. whats the shipping time on something like this
    , im assuming rear mounted radiator?

  13. Hope it clears customs in time.

    That setup will only lag if you’re a faggot with the throttle. And I’m pretty sure Saito ain’t one of teh gheys.

  14. His wing looks like it will pass, The dimensions allowed are a 12×16 end plate. I can’t wait to see this dude rip again in the states!

  15. Wing will be destroyed on the walls at Long Beach.

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