1. Nitto Tire
2. Falken Tire
3. GT Radial


  • At the end of the 2021 Formula DRIFT PRO Championship, we’re able to announce the Tire Cup winner
  • Tire Cup points are awarded at each round to the top two drivers representing each brand. So, if DeNofa wins, Nitto Tire receives 100 points, while Field in second awards 91 points to Falken Tire, for example
  • While most people think drift tires only spin and smoke, in reality the drivers require very high levels of grip to control the drift
  • Congratulations to Nitto for taking first place
  • “Nitto Tire is proud to win the Formula DRIFT Tire Cup back-to-back. We’d like to congratulate Fredric Aasbo for his 2021 Formula DRIFT PRO Championship, which he achieved on Nitto tires. We’re also very proud to have worked with Vaughn Gittin Jr and to have contributed to some incredible accomplishments during his FD career. We look forward to continuing our partnership with RTR in the future,” said Harry Kong, Manager, Brand Publishing NITTO TIRE U.S.A. INC.
  • Falken and Nitto teams dominated the podium this year, placing them at the top of the table, with GT Radial in close attendance
  • Consistent performances from Aasbo, DeNofa, Gittin and Tuerck gave Nitto most of its points
  • Field and Bakchis kept Falken in contention
  • GT Radial secured third place thanks to drivers such as Essa, Forsberg and Hughes


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