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2017 Lonestar Drift ProAm Round 3 – Gulf Greyhound Park [RESULTS]


David Mesker won the 3rd round of Lonestar Drift ProAm, which took place at Gulf Greyhound Park. Mesker is fresh off of a trip to Ebisu in Japan, and his tandem skills look much improved. Harrison Johnson, who dominated the Lonestar ProAm last season by winning three of eight rounds, took home second place.

Here’s a look at the final results from Lonestar Drift Round 3:

1st – David Mesker
2nd – Harrison Johnson
3rd – Bryan Mckay

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Article source: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/blog/2017/05/22/2017-lonestar-drift-proam-round-3-gulf-greyhound-park-results/



Jack Shanahan continues his dominance of the Irish Drifting Championship with a win at IDC Round 2, held at the docks of Dun Laoghaire. The track was a custom one-off build for IDC, and the tight course over cobblestone roads was pretty exciting to watch despite being much lower speed than what we’re used to seeing. Shanahan defeated Chris Brady in the final, which was an acceptable finish for Brady given that he had only started building his competition car earlier in the week.  DealWidth driver Brian Egan earned 3rd place, defeating Joe Doyle in the consolation battle. The series will shift back to Mondelo for the Global Warfare event on July 1st and 2nd.

Here’s a look at the final results from Round 2:

1st – Jack Shanahan
2nd – Chris Brady
3rd – David Egan
4th – Joe Doyle

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Article source: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/blog/2017/05/21/2017-irish-drift-championship-round-2-drift-on-the-docks-results/

10 Things I Learned about Formula Drift Road Atlanta

10.Qualifying Needs to be Fixed
I think the judges do much better than the majority when it comes to tandem judging. I normally voice my opinions when I disagree with them but 95% of the time they are making good calls. However, they are awful at ranking qualifying runs. I think many factors play into this but the order you are seeded in qualifying tends to impact your score to a great extreme. Road Atlanta had quite a few scoring inaccuracies so I figured I should bring it up in this Top 10. Anyway, qualifying needs a revamp in Formula Drift but I don’t have the ideas to make it happen. Anyone have thoughts on how to make it more accurate and entertaining?

9. Time to Wake Up on Travis Reeder
Travis Reeder has landed on the podium for his first two Pro 2 events in his career. This driver from the northwest really looks like a serious contender for the future. He seems to have the mental game figured out and is just driving his way into a serious championship lead. After two rounds he has an alarming 78 point lead in the Pro 2 championship.

8. The Era of European Domination is Upon Us?
The European drivers really dominated Road Atlanta this past weekend. The podium was a complete European driver sweep and nobody in the grid looks like they have an answer for the European rising. The top three drivers in the championship are all European (James Deane/Ireland – Dean Kearney/Ireland – Fredric Aasbo/Norway) and other Europeans such as Kristaps Bluss have done well this season. Does anyone have an answer for the European domination in 2017?

7. Formula Drift Needs More Utes
Since I was at Road Atlanta in person I got to watch this insane Ute run for the first time. This thing is really big and it looks really cool drifting around the track. Josh Robinson makes that thing looks pretty good and exciting. It does make me hope we can get a larger variety of chassis in the sport moving forward.

6. Alec Hohnadell Looked Fast with Maybe Less Horsepower
Alec Hohnadell looked to be one of the fastest and on point drivers at Road Atlanta. In reality, he had James Deane beat dead to rights until he made a mistake resulting in him straighten. Several people mentioned to me that the car went down on horsepower which seems like an interesting concept to me. The theory revolves around not letting your wheel speed get insanely high resulting in you having more tire for two laps. If that is what Alec Hohnadell did, I think it was pure genius. Over two laps, his car visually looked like it was in the fastest three cars on course.

5. Nate Hamilton!!!!!!!!
If you go watch Nate Hamilton in Top 32 that was the first time I really saw him keep his mental game strong and gave it to an opponent. He won the tandem battle against J Castro and really showed that he can belong in the Pro ranks with a performances like that.


4. Support Local Drifting
One reason this 10 Things post was late is I have been scrambling to get our first Street Driven Tour event in order in Virginia this weekend. This did get me thinking that most of you Formula Drift fans should work towards supporting or attending a smaller drift event each year. Just make an effort to find one practice event or Pro Am weekend in your local region and go out and enjoy yourself. As Formula Drift experiences rapid growth and large viewing numbers most Pro Am and local events are very small and grassroots still. I do have to admit you will find them quite fun no matter where you are in the world so make some plans before the year ends.

3. James Deane Does it Again
Yep, he made it happen at just the track I wanted to see him perform at. James Deane seems to be defeating his opponents with consistently as other drivers are making errors running him as he moves along to victory at two of three rounds. Right now, only Jhonnattan Castro has defeated James Deane in a Formula Drift competition event this year.

2. The rare Fredric Aasbo Mistake
Fredric Aasbo was taken out by Kyle Mohan who has struggled in his Mazda MX-5 this whole season. Aasbo proved he wasn’t a drifting robot while he made two mistakes in one battle. Aasbo finds himself around three rounds in a rare place of third place and 67 points behind the points leader James Deane. Perhaps the Corolla iM was a big bigger of a project to take on than the tC. While I don’t think he is out of the championship race just yet it will be interesting to see how this car holds up through some other rounds.

1. Kristaps Bluss Reaches Legend Status
I am sure by now you know that he drove off two jack stands to meet his 5 minute repair time limit. He did have loose lug nuts and was unable to complete his battle against Dean Kearney. The whole situation was pretty awesome but I was sad to see Kristaps get close to another victory and fall short. You have to think his time for a victory in Formula Drift is around the corner. If you didn’t get to see the BMW flying off jack stands, watch the 5 minute comeptition timeout here and also listen to Maxmium Driftcast and get Chris Forsberg’s perspective on the whole 5 minute scramble with Kristaps that he was involved in to help try and get the BMW back on track.

Article source: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/blog/2017/05/18/10-things-i-learned-about-formula-drift-road-atlanta/

2017 Formula Drift Round 2 Orlando Speedworld [GALLERY]


Enjoy all the action going down at Orlando Speedworld for Formula Drift Round 2. Andrew Jennings was on the scene to capture all the happenings of Pro 2 and Pro over the event weekend. He even caught Justin Pawlak and Vaughn Gittin Jr. banging doors through the infield.

Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wreckedmagazine/

Article source: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/blog/2017/05/04/2017-formula-drift-round-2-orlando-speedworld-gallery/

Formula DRIFT Round 3: Road to the Championship Results

Formula DRIFT Round 3: Road to the Championship Results;

James Deane Takes Back the Lead with the Event Victory



Long Beach, Calif. – May 14, 2017 – Formula DRIFT Black Magic Pro Championship presented by BlackVue Dash Cameras returned to Road Atlanta, home of the inaugural Formula DRIFT event 14 years ago. James Deane in the Worthouse Drift Team / Falken Tire Nissan 240 takes the victory to regain the lead in the chase for the championship.

“This event showcased the global talent within the Series,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “Each round has been highly competitive and with only three events remaining it will be exciting to see how it unfolds.”

The Advance Auto Parts Round 3: Road to the Championship was a hard charging event and treated fans to exciting competition. An estimated 1 million viewers tuned into the Livestream through the event weekend.

It was an all European podium with Latvian driver, Kristaps Bluss in the HGK / Mast / Motul / Wisefab BMW E46 taking 3rd place after failing to repair his vehicle for a One More Time battle against Irishman, Dean Kearney in the Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper in the semi-finals. The Finals was a battle of the Irish with Kearney and Deane fighting for the win. The drivers put on a show for the fans with an incredibly tight battle, but Deane was able to inch past his opponent to take the win. With three events completed, James Deane has now taken two event wins to move back into the top of the standings.

“We got to have an all-Irish final and that was just mind-blowing,” said James Deane, winner of the Advance Auto Parts Round 3: Road to the Championship. “The two of us just gave it 110%, no messing around, and that’s how to have a battle. I’m super happy and thanks to everyone who made this possible.”

The action continues to Round 4: The Gauntlet at Wall Speedway on June 2-3. For more information visit, www.formulad.com and find Formula DRIFT on Instagram @formulad, Facebook www.facebook.com/formuladrift, Twitter @FormulaDrift, and Snapchat – formula_drift. Tune into Formula DRIFT on CBS Sports and check your local listings for airtimes.

Advance Auto Parts Round 3: Road to the Championship Event Results

1. Deane, James

Worthouse Drift Team / Falken Tire Nissan 240


2. Kearney, Dean

Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper

2nd Place

3. Bluss, Kristaps

HGK / Mast / Motul / Wisefab BMW E46

3rd Place

4. Hohnadell, Alec

Urban Air / Hoonigan / Nexen Tire Nissan 240

4th Place

5. Gittin, Vaughn

Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR

5th Place

6. Tuerck, Ryan

Gumout / Nameless Performance / Hankook Toyota 86

6th Place

7. Wiecek, Piotr

Worthouse Drift Team / Falken Tire Nissan 240

7th Place

8. Forsberg, Chris

NOS Energy Drink / Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z

8th Place

9. Essa, Michael

Achilles Tire / Essa Autosport BMW M3

9th Place

10. Field, Matt

Falken Tire / Vapetasia / ARK Performance Nissan 240

10th Place

11. Heilbrunn, Alex

IMR / Nitto Tire BMW M3

11th Place

12. Denofa, Chelsea

BC Racing / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR

12th Place

13. Coffman, Matt

Nexen Tire / Coffman Racing Nissan 240

13th Place

14. Hamilton, Nate

Team Enjuku / BC Racing / Hankook Tire Nissan 240

14th Place

15. Jones, Jeff

DOC Racing Nissan 240

15th Place

16. Mohan, Kyle

Built 2 Apex / Mazdatrix / KMR 2016 MX-5

16th Place

2017 Formula DRIFT Black Magic Championship Presented by BlackVue Standings After 3 Events

1. Deane, James

Worthouse Drift Team / Falken Tire Nissan 240

245.00 Points

2. Kearney, Dean

Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper

186.00 Points

3. Aasbo, Fredric

Rockstar Energy / Nexen Tire Toyota Corolla iM

178.00 Points

2017 Manufacturer Championship Standings After 3 Events

1. Toyota

351.00 Points

2. Ford

250.00 Points

3. Dodge

186.00 Points

4. BMW

157.00 Points

5. Nissan

137.00 Points

6. Mazda

68.00 Points

2017 Tire Championship Standings After 3 Events

1. Falken

435.00 Points

2. Achilles

374.00 Points

3. Nexen

363.00 Points

4. Hankook

310.00 Points

5. Nitto

299.00 Points

Article source: http://news.formulad.com/2017/fd-news/formula-drift-round-3-road-to-the-championship-results/

RD 3 Atlanta – Friday – NEW Schedule

Due to rain in the forecast, we’ve updated the schedule of events for

Friday 5/12/17.RD3 Atlanta - Schedule of Events_Fri REVISED

Article source: http://news.formulad.com/2017/fd-news/round-3-friday-new-schedule/

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