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2107 USDrift RD2 Results

July 13th, 2017

Michaels takes the Lead with Event Victory


Glen Allen, VA – USDrift PRO/AM Series returned to Shenandoah Speedway in Virginia for the second event in their four event season. Noah Michaels, from Medino, OH in his LS6-powered Torqstorm Superchargers / Oddball Industries Nissan 240SX took the victory.

Shenandoah Speedway is a 3/8th-Mile oval track nestled in a valley between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Massanutten Ridge providing a great, scenic backdrop for events. Twenty-one competitors from eleven states competed in the two-day event, and another few dozen attended the open track day event with Swing Set.

“Oval tracks are always a little intimidating to drivers, and then requiring them to run the high line next to the wall doesn’t help,” said Brian Eggert, event director at USDrift. “The course featured a high speed entry on the bank and then transitioned into the infield for the finish.“
Tanner Munson, from Hinesburg, VT qualified first in his LS2-powered Munson Motorsports BMW M3, but had to bow out of competition before his first battle due to transmission issues. The Final Four placed 8th place qualifier Mike Perez, from Leesport, PA in his 2JZ-powered Onward Energy / FlagNorFail Toyota Supra against fifth place qualifier Nate Richards, from Londonderry, NH in his V8-powered Magnum Performance Turbos Nissan 350Z. Perez would take the win sending Richards to the Consolation Round. On the other side of the bracket, second place qualifier Kenric Meyer, from Jamison, PA in his LQ9-powered BC Racing BMW M3 was paired up with third place qualifier Noah Michaels. Michaels would advance and go against Perez in the finals leaving Meyer to battle Richards in the Consolation Round. Richards would take the win against Meyers earning third place. In the finals, Perez and Michaels would battle so closely that the judges voted 2-1 for a One More Time. In the second matchup however, Michaels would advance and take the top spot and earning himself his first win in USDrift.

The third stop on the 2017 USDrift PRO/AM Series will take place at VIRginia International Raceway, in Alton, VA on Saturday, August 19th. For more information please visit: www.usdrift.com. You can also find USDrift on popular social media outlets such as: Facebook: www.facebook.com/usdrift, Instagram: @usdrift, and Twitter: @usdrift.


2017 USDrift PRO/AM Series Round 2 Event Results:

  1. Noah Michaels Torqstorm Supercharges / Oddball Industries Nissan 240SX  First Place
  2. Mike Perez Onward Energy / FlagNorFail Toyota Supra                          Second Place
  3. Nate Richards Magnum Performance Turbos Nissan 350Z                          Third Place

2017 USDrift PRO/AM Series Standings After Two Rounds:

  1. Noah Michaels Torqstorm Supercharges / Oddball Industries Nissan 240SX  187 points
  2. Mike Perez Onward Energy / FlagNorFail Toyota Supra                          184 points
  3. Kenric Meyer BC Racing BMW M3                                                         170 points
  4. Ben Williams Fresh Roots Mazda RX7                                                   148 points
  5. Phil Oddo Nissan 350Z                                                                   132 points
  6. Dustin Miles K1 Built Nissan 240SX                                                     116 points
  7. Ricky Hofmann Onward Flipzco Nissan 240SX                                           5 points
  8. Kyle Wood Nissan 240SX                                                                 105 points
  9. Nate Richards Magnum Performance Turbos Nissan 350Z                          25 points
  10. Brian Riccio Flipzco Nissan 240SX                                                      92 points



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Deane x Więcek: How To Lose Properly By Speedhunters


I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we’re already beyond the halfway point of the 2017 Formula Drift season.

It only feels like a few weeks ago that James Deane and Piotr Więcek informed me of their intention to contest a whole FD season for the first time. It was actually September of last year, and the months since have been an absolute whirlwind. From the highest of highs, to some pretty significant lows, it has been a rollercoaster so far.

2017 FD05 Formula Drift Montreal Worthouse Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-4

For the fifth round, the traveling circus headed north and to the only stop outside of the United States. Autodrome Saint-Eustache probably isn’t the first venue you think of when it comes to drifting, but the Montreal-based circuit is a haven for drifting talent.

2017 FD05 Formula Drift Montreal Worthouse Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-25

The family run facility might be modest, but it more than makes up for it in character while also supplying a demanding course for the Formula D roster.




Article source: http://news.formulad.com/2017/behind-the-scenes/deane-x-wiecek-how-to-lose-properly/

Round 5: True North – SOLD OUT!


Formula Drift #FDCanada #TrueNorth is officially SOLD OUT! Tune in at 4:15 PM EST for TOP 32 competition on FormulaD.com/Live

Article source: http://news.formulad.com/2017/fd-news/round-5-true-north-sold-out/

10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Canada


10. Fredric Aasbo Locks in the 3peat
Fredric Aasbo is now 15-0 at Autodrome St. DeSmash which is a pretty insane record for anyone at any track. He has taken on all comers and is now the most winning Formula Drift driver in history with 10 passing Sam Hubinette and Vaughn Gittin who both have 9 victories. His insane record at this track is a big part of that with 3o% of his career wins. Could he 4peat next year?

9. Give Marc Landerville Some Budget so he can run a full season

Marc Landerville really entertains me on the track and I wish his sponsors would pony him up for a real program run. Maybe FD can look at least letting him run Jersey and some other close events? We know the space is available in Top 32. His run with Aasbo was awesome and I agree with Andy Yen who wanted the OMT on that battle. Keep up the hard work Marc and figure out how to do more FD events in 2018.


8. Alex Heilbrunn Cannot be Bothered to Show Up in Canada

I think most people are considering Alex Heilbrunn a serious player in the Formula Drift grid. His lack of presence in Montreal watched him fall from probably about 10th place into 13th place. He was by far the highest rank driver with a notable absence at this event. Alex is going to really need to look at Canada in 2018 if he wants to be that serious championship contender people believe he can be. Nobody is winning Formula Drift with a no show in their points record.


6. Chelsea DeNofa Screwed in Qualifying
If you watched Chelsea DeNofa’s second qualifying run it was exactly everything you want in a drift run. Big angle, insane throttle commitment, dirt drop and a wall tap. The excitement level couldn’t be much higher than that. The judges were so stoked on his run they gave him a (7/8/9) in style respectively. Really love to know where those 5 points went missing? Either way, it was one of the best qualifying runs I watched this year. Qualifying still just needs a complete reboot like I complained about earlier this year but at least DeNofa gave everyone 45 seconds of excitement.


5. Michael Essa One Tire Drift
The battle starts here in The Top 32 and just watch in awe as Michael Essa makes more smoke with one rear tire than almost every Pro 2car in history. The driving ability and talent to make the rest of the course with one tire and one wheel was pretty impressive as well. I even want to throw in props to Nate Hamilton for a great follow run considering those circumstances.


4. Justin Pawlak Finally Figured Out How Not to Hit Vaughn Gittin Jr.
This Mustang rivalry has boiled over to a true dislike I feel between these two drivers. An encounter at Road Atlanta between these guys resulted in Vaughn being fined $1,500 and 16 championship points. If you look back at their runs, basically Justin Pawlak just ran into Vaughn every chance he had. Orlando Speed World in competition and then again during early practice at Road Atlanta. Somehow through magic, Justin Pawlak completed a tandem battle with Vaughn Gittin Jr. without running into him. Let’s give him a round of applause.


3. Matt Field Had A Day from Hell
Matt Field starts off his main event weekend by getting punted by Dean Kearney right into the wall. Accidents in motorsports tend to be the most dangerous when someone turns right into a wall like Matt Field did in this battle. You can make a huge case for HANS device playing a huge part in Matt Field not being injured here if you look at the replays and the limit of his head travel when making impact on the wall. Then the tow truck driver dumped his car off the flat bed tow truck twice. He magically got back on course even with his broken driveshaft/supercharger/suspension they fixed along with who knows what else. Matt was in better spirits on his Instagram story than I would of been under these circumstances.


2. Europeans Account for Top 3 in Championship
The flag pole of the sad state of drifting in America might just be the Formula Drift championship bracket. Michael Essa is currently the highest placed American and is a stunning 109 points behind James Deane. The Europeans are really just dominating Formula Drift this season. Deane, Aasbo, and Bluss are proving to be a level above the rest of the competition this season.

1. Please Keep Ryan Sage and Jarod DeAnda to Livestream Only
I made this comment last year at Montreal and it still holds true after this weekend. Having a live announcer separate from the Livestream increases the at home experience of watching the event 10000x. I hate nothing more than Jarod DeAnda asking me to stand up for the wave while I sit in a dark corner of my apartment drinking water in my underwear. Just find a good to yell random words for live commentary. It won’t happen anytime soon I imagine so don’t get your hopes up and just count on Formula Drift going to more non English speaking cities.

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