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Ultimate Vaughn Gittin Jr. Fan Jason Brozak Builds A Replica Street Car

The first fan replica street car we saw came in the form of a Honda Jazz made to look like Walker Wilkerson’s old S13. This Mustang replica of Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s 2013 drift machine looks not so far off from accurate. The car is located in Nebraska and is clearly a huge VGJ fan. He even takes stickers from Hoonigan, Nitto Tire, KN, Magnaflow, and RTR to keep his bases covered on the Formula Drift street car replica.

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Team DSTROYR at Formula Drift Seattle [VIDEO]

Odi Bakchis went on a tear this past round of Formula Drift slamming into Vaughn Gittin Jr. at the track exit and advancing all the way until his final four bout with Fredric Aasbo. This has been a great season for him in the S14 Nissan 240sx along with an impressive showing from his teammate Kyle Mohan.

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US Drift at New Jersey Motorsports Park [VIDEO]

Check out everything that happened during the US Drift event over at New Jersey Motorsports Park. The drifting event took place during an ARCA race weekend giving a nice new feel to the weekend. Chelsea DeNofa’s current spotter Rapper Dan Savage ended up taking home the win in his V8 powered Nissan 240sx pickup truck.

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2013 Drift Mania Round 5 at St. Croix [RESULTS]

Round 5 of Drift Mania kicked off at St. Croix this weekend and Dave Briggs took his huge horsepower SR20 powered S14 Nissan 240sx. The driver has done double duty with FD and DMCC this season and brought home $10,000 for winning Round 5. Here is how the podium stacked up:

1. Dave Briggs
2. Francis Tasse
3. Tanner Munson

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2013 British Drifting Championship – Round 4 Lydden Hill [RESULTS]

The British Drifting Championship wrapped up Round 4 at Lydden Hill this weekend in England with Phil Morrison putting his Nissan Skyline in first place. Here is how the podium finished:

1st – Phil Morrison – Driftworks Skyline R32
2nd – Mark Luney -Team Lucas Oil Supra
3rd -Michael Marshall – Team M+M BMW Wagon

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2013 Drift Allstars Round 4 at Lithuania [RESULTS]

The Drift All-Stars threw the first city centre event in Kaunas. Lithuania where the roads got shut down and the drifting party went on right inside the city. The Lithuanian fans are diehard to drifting and they really turned it up over the weekend. Here is how the results finished:

1. Janis Eglite -Xtreme Motorsport
2. Dawid Karkosik – Budmat Auto RB Team
3. Alex Golovnya – Zeetex Tires
4. Juha Rintanen – Nexen Tire Europe

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2013 Sonoma Drift Round 4 [RESULTS]

Round 4 of Sonoma Drift wrapped up this weekend bringing an end to the Sonoma Drift series. Formula Drift driver Calvin Wan who took home a victory on the same course during Formula Drift in 2005 provided the podium photo and was also a guest judge for the day. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Josh McQuire
2. Julian Dumay
3. Joe Farasati

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2013 Formula D Rookie of the Year status after 5 rounds [STANDINGS]

This year’s rookie chase is tighter than ever, but mostly due to lackluster results.

Canadian Marc Landreville is currently leading the chase despite only attending one FD event so far. Landreville has confirmed that he will be at Irwindale, with Texas being a possibility as well. Brandon Wicknick and Nate Hamilton have both made top 32 twice so far, which puts them just a few points behind Landreville, with both drivers committing to the remaining rounds. Mats Baribeau, Will Parsons, and Chris Jeanneret have all made a top 32 so far, and all are well within reach of taking the title with a Top 16 appearance. We could still see a jump from the ranks of a driver who has yet to score points with drivers like Rob Primozich, JR Hildebrande, or Luke Pakula simply needing to qualify for top 32 and possibly get lucky with a driver spinning or having a mechanical issue during the Top 32 tandem battle to tie Landreville. Landreville only earned 1% of the popular vote when we ran our poll in April about who our readers think would take the title.

Since the series switched to top-32 tandem in 2009, Odi Bakchis earned the Rookie of the Year title with the fewest points at 255. Unless a Landreville, Wicknick, or Hamilton were to earn back-to-back podiums, we are guaranteed to see a point total below that claiming the title.

Here’s a look at the points standings so far:

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