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2012 Formula Drift Top 32 Tandem Battles [FINAL]

During qualifying today Formula Drift had some speed gun issues which resulted in changing every driver to receiving 10 points changing the qualifying order and a few drivers got entered wrong into the original bracket that was released. As far as we know here are the official tandem battles that will be happening in a few hours at Road Atlanta:

Michael Essa vs. Corey Hosford
Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Darren McNamara
Matt Field vs. Danny George
Daigo Saito vs. Chelsea DeNofa
Justin Pawlak vs. Ken Gushi
Matt Powers vs. George Marstonovic
Dai Yoshihara vs. Ryan Tuerck
Odi Bakchis vs. Patrick Goodin
Chris Forsberg vs. Toshiki Yoshioka
Fredric Aasbo vs. Robbie Nishida
Joon Maeng vs. Tyler McQuarrie
Dennis Mertzanis vs. Kyle Mohan
Conrad Grunewald vs. Tony Angelo
Ryan Kado vs. Jeff Jones
Kenneth Moen vs. Walker Wilkerson
Rhys Millen vs. Luke Lonberger

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Road Atlanta ready to welcome back Formula Drift

(click image to view video)

Gainesville Times

Story by Bill Murphy

Drifting isn’t your average racing event.

It’s as much about precision and maneuvering around corners and tight turns as it is about driving fast.

Some of the Formula Drift’s best drivers will take a crack at Drift Atlanta, the Race To The Championship event starting Friday and culminating with the main event Saturday at Road Atlanta in Braselton.

“Road Atlanta is my favorite spot to drive,” said Chris Forsberg, a team owner and driver of a Nissan 370Z. “Road Atlanta has the most technical course and the most energetic fans.”

This weekend’s event in South Hall marks the second on seven stops on the season schedule for Formula Drift’s Pro Championship Series. In April, the season opened with the Streets of Long Beach event, won by US driver Justin Pawlak.

Road Atlanta president Geoff Lee is a fan of the product that Formula Drift brings to Road Atlanta. He says it’s a younger crowd that is passionate about modifying their Japanese imports to run with high horse power. As a result, he says drifting opens up the track to a new fan base, different from those who would traditionally attend events such at Petit Le Mans.

“These (drift) drivers are quite talented,” Lee said. “They’re able to run up to 80 miles an hour virtually sideways. “They have unbelievable control of the cars.”

The crowds have also responded to having Formula Drift race at Road Atlanta. According to Lee, the attendance has risen each year at Drift Atlanta, with 25,000 fans coming in to watch in 2010, and possibly as many as 30,000 this weekend.

Road Atlanta is regarded as a popular venue among drivers for its tight 12-turn, 2.54-mile road course.

According to Forsberg, the fans are treated to a great show with a view of all the action from parts of the infield. For Formula Drift, now in its ninth year coming to Road Atlanta, the track is modified to a one-mile course so fans can see all the action from stadium seating placed in a central location.

“It makes for a great show,” Forsberg said. “The pits, the grid, the starting line, fans are able to see all the action at Road Atlanta.”

Drifting is much different than other races that take place at Road Atlanta. It’s not just about having the fastest car and best driver. Drifting is just as much about showmanship, getting as close to the other car on the track as possible, while correcting and adjusting to the speed of the car. Drivers are judged on criteria such as line, speed and angle.

Drivers are paired on the track, then switch positions for elimination rounds.

“Drifting is so unique,” Forsberg said. “You’re in the car, sliding around and scraping the wall, while trying to keep control.”

On Saturday, practice leads up to the Round of 32 that will begin at 4 p.m. The main event with the final 16 cars starts at 8 p.m.

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Round 2 Ticket Update

Although online ticket sales are sold out for today, fans are still welcome to come to the venue and purchase them at the box office.

Saturday tickets can still be purchased online by clicking here or feel free to purchase them tomorrow at the box office.

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Shows/Talks about Track Changes for 2012 Road Atlanta this Weekend

Does Vaughn look like he is going the wrong way through the horseshoe? Well the fact of the matter is this is the new track layout has reversed having drivers not turn into the horseshoe at the bottom and go all the way to the top of the horseshoe with four cones pushing you to the outside of the course and hooking downhill around the horseshoe. This awesome photograph was snapped by Vaughn’s recent wife Abigail Gittin Jr. showing him entering into the top of the horseshoe going forward. Below is an on car of the practice run showing how the new tentative course layout will work for this weekend.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. on new track layout - “The fact that its a change is fun and challenging. I definitely love the old setup, but I think this new track is going to allow for overall closer tandem throughout the course rather than just in certain spots.”

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Top Gear USA Season 3 is Confirmed – More Tanner Foust on the Tube

Tanner Foust and the boys will be doing a third season of Top Gear USA which is just about to start filming we have learned. Excited to see the History Channel has gotten so behind this programming which we have heard is bringing in some top viewership on the cable channel. As the episodes have continued the chemistry and entertainment these guys are producing on air is going up up and up. While we cannot see Tanner Foust tearing it up in a Scion tC anymore we guess watching him on TV is the next best thing while his old championship 350z is being driven by Kenneth Moen in Formula Drift this weekend.

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Nexen Tire Fan Contest

YouTube Preview Image

Let Nexen know why YOU are the number one #Nexenfan in a video. YOU could win a FREE set of Nexen tires for your car! Contest ends May 31st. Winner will be announced on June 1st.

Nexen Facebook Page


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Help Save Drifting in Atlanta recently posted an article about a new noise ordinance in Atlanta that was passed on May 7 by Mayor Kasim Reed to amend section 74-137(A) of the code of ordinances. It states…

Sec. 74-137. – Specific prohibited acts.

Car drifting on private property within 1000 feet of a residentially zoned district. For purposes of this section, car drifting shall mean a driving technique or motorsport where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner. A car is drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle, to such an extent that the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn (e.g. car is turning left; wheels are pointed right or vice versa).

The full ordinance proposal can be read by clicking here.

Drifted also spoke with Formula DRIFT’s President and Co-founder Jim Liaw about the matter and he made the following statement -

“I have seen this before with the emergence of sport compact drag racing.  It is all based on misconceptions as drifting is being demonized and singled out.  If you are to set rules restrictions on drifting then help by offering an alternative.  These organizations that hold drifting events do so in part out of passion for this Sport but also out of public good; taking drifting off the streets into a safe environment.  One, I hope Atlanta can see past just the noise issue and come to a compromise.  Two, I hope that other venues outside of Atlanta city lines embraces drifting and shows Atlanta what they are missing out on; citizen support and revenue.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article by Drifted. 

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

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