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Mobil 1 x DVS Shoes Limited Edition Shoe

The guys at Mobil 1 sent us a pair of the collaboration shoe they released with Mobil 1 this week to celebrate the long motorsports heritage they have as a company. They just closed out the fifth season in Formula Drift as a team sponsor at Irwindale last weekend. The bottom of the shoe features a crystal rubber outsole with a Mobil pegasus logo in the bottom of the shoe. Some nice red,white, and blue accents are all around the shoe in addition to a antiqued molded Mobil 1 quarter badge on the side of the shoe. We absolutely love this shoe and it looks great.

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Brian Casse takes on Formula Drift Irwindale [VIDEO]

One of the first montage videos from Irwindale Speedway has been released by Brian Casse today showing a ton of the excitement from the seventh round of the 2012 Formula Drift series. The video shows a ton of Dai Yoshihara footage along with two minutes of the grid, tandem battles, and finishing off with some great Top 16 excitement and action. The Rhys Millen crash is caught at the end of the video which declared Daigo Saito the 2012 Formula Drift champion.

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[VIDEO] Formula DRIFT Insider 2012 Ep.13

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Our last full installment of Formula DRIFT Insider gives us a detailed look at the championship and the final event of the year at Irwindale Speedway.

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Guest Blog: Kevin Wells Technical Manager of Formula DRIFT Opens Up About the X-Raying of Vehicles at Round 7

Prior to the start of Round 7: Title Fight at Irwindale Speedway the decision was made by Formula DRIFT technical manager, Kevin Wells to inspect the top contending vehicles via X-ray, which was the first time in the Series history that this had been done.

In order to shed some light to the reasons why this procedure was completed, Wells has answered the top questions that have continued to be asked since the event.

Why did Formula Drift X-ray vehicles?

We were looking to see if competitors had modified chassis and/or hidden ballast. We contacted technicians from NASCAR and NHRA to see what equipment they used for this type of testing. Neither NASCAR or NHRA has done this before. Due to the variety of vehicles we have, and the location we desired to examine them, the methods NASCAR and NHRA use to examine their cars were not feasible. After further research, we decided on X-ray as the best method to determine if vehicles had modified chassis or hidden ballast.

Which vehicles did you X-ray?

We decided to X-ray the top seven ranked vehicles because these vehicles were eligible by points to win the championship. The top seven vehicles were composed of five vehicle models: Ford Mustang (2), Lexus SC430 (1), Nissan 240SX (2), Hyundai Genesis (1), and Scion TC (1). In addition to the seven competition vehicles, we also X-rayed stock versions of the five makes in order to compare our findings.

Where did you X-ray?

We X-rayed the rocker panel / door sill portion of the vehicle. This portion of the vehicle was suspected to be an ideal place for placing additional ballast or adding additional frame structure.

Did you find anything?

No, all the vehicles we examined were legal and passed the test. Below are three images taken from different Ford Mustangs. You can clearly see these vehicles are not modified in this portion of the vehicle.

Stock Mustang x-ray

Will Formula Drift continue doing this in the future?

Yes, we will continue to look for vehicles that are breaking the rules (to keep a level playing field), and this will be one of the tools at our disposal.

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Ken Block Takes on Irwindale Speedway in his HFHV Ford Fiesta [VIDEO]

Ken Block aka Kenny from the Block took his HFHV Ford Fiesta to Irwindale Speedway to run the Formula Drift course to hype up The Hoonigans brand. Early on Friday morning they let Ken Block on the track and he even managed to plant the rear of his car to the inside bank wall (just like everyone else) but he managed to smash and shatter two Fifteen52 Tarmacs wheels and keep drifting which they show at the end of the video. Ken even managed to enter the bank at 91mph during his AWD slide around the Formula D course.

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Joey Redmond is on MotoIQ Radio Tonight at 8:30pm PST

Tonight in less than 30 minutes our head editor Joey Redmond will be on MotoIQ radio with Justin Banner and one gorgeous time attacker Kerryann De La Cruz as they talk about the end of the 2012 season and the previews of the 2013 season. The three of them are going to talk about some exclusive hints on the new season and what will be announced at the 2012 Formula Drift SEMA press conference. Here is MotoIQ talking about coming on air:

8:30pm PST - Finally, Joey Redmond of Wrecked Magazine will be on with us to discuss the 2012 season. We’ll also get his views on judging for this year and Daigo Saito winning the 2012 Formula Drift Championship in his first year. Finally, we’ll look into his crystal ball and see what he sees coming in the 2013 Formula Drift Season.


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