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Formula Drift Insider Episode 4 – The Daigo Saito Vs. JTP Conflict [VIDEO]

Finally after a post that escalated to 1,150+ Facebook Likes and 50 comments earlier this month on Wrecked Magazine has seen the light of day with a conflict. Sadly the Formula Drift Insider did some editing and skipping of the argument between Justin Pawlak, Daigo Saito (and translator Robbie Nishida) as Justin whines about what went down in the tandem battle with Daigo. Regardless it marked the first time he lost this season and clearly JTP wasn’t happy about it. The Achilles Team is really making a big scene this season in Formula Drift and we love it.

The Insider also highlights Chris Forsberg and his new setup with the Nissan 370z which brought him to his first podium of the 2012 season. Luckily he didn’t beat Justin Pawlak as well so no surprise visits in his section of the video. The segment does spend some time with the MA Motorsport guys who are now running his team from behind the scenes for a cool outlook on the NOS Energy Drink 370z.

Watch the video:

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Battles at Formula Drift Round 3 PBIR [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. continues his Network A program with a visit to West Palm Beach, Florida for Round 3 of the Formula Drift series. The trip shows off his number one qualifying pass and his intense tandem battles with Matt Field and Michael Essa promoting him to the Top 8. In that battle he faced off against Justin Pawlak in a twin 2013 Ford Mustang RTR which resulted in a broken Mustang for Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the end. A great weekend for the team and his best finish of the 2012 season is in the books.

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Ryan Tuerck Does Palm Beach International Raceway Track Tour [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck with the help of his tire sponsor Maxxis takes you around the Round 3 Palm Beach International Raceway circuit for another track walk. This years layout of PBIR was completely brand new and Tuerck gives a great discussion on how he takes the Retaks S13.5 straight through the course with good marks.


Watch the video:

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DMCC Round 1 at Autodrome De Montmagny [GALLERY]

Jeremy Glover was back in action at Autodrome De Montmagny shooting away at DMCC Round 1 to bring us this gallery which covers all aspects of the action filled first round of the 2012 Drift Mania Canadian Championship season. Click the link below to catch up on all the action of DMCC Round 1 and to watch Jeff Laflamme as he drifts to a top podium position at Montmagny.

View the gallery here:

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Vegas Drift Rd. 3 “Getting Dark” Comes to LVMS This Weekend

Vegas Drift returns to Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend with Round 3: Getting Dark. Garret Nikolich took top honors at Round 2 in his green S13.4. Check out the results from Round 2 at the link below, and the details for this weekend’s Round 3 just below that:

VegasProAm Rd#3
June 16th 2012

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Strip Lot
Registration Fee $150.00
Drivers Registers HERE

Series Champion Receives
* A Formula Drift Pro License
* 1 set of CP Pistons (some restrictions apply)
* Deep Discount on Carrillo Rods
* 2 Belle 1 Communications Formula Drift Freq Programed Motorola UHF Radios
* Feal Suspension “Upgrade/Re-valveing Service”

Series 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Receives
* A Formula Drift Pro License

Series Contingency Sponsorship Award
* The top 3 drivers that participate in the GodSpeed Contingency program will receive store credit in the amounts of $800.00 in for first place, $400 for second and $200 for third

Round 3 Event Prizes
* VegasProAm Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

The Retaks Insane Entry Award
$50.00 cash to the driver with the most Insane Qualifying Entry Run

1st Place
* Brian Crower is awarding $300.00 Gift Certificate
* HPS Silicone Hoses is awarding $100.00 Gift Certificate
* RETAKS is awarding a $100.00 Gift Certificate
* Dstroyr $100.00 Gift Certificate
* Feal Suspension $100 “Service” Gift Certificate
* Baker Precision is awarding a $50.00 Gift Certificate

2nd Place
* HPS Silicone Hoses is awarding $60.00 Gift Certificate
* Baker Precision is awarding a $50.00 Gift Certificate
* RETAKS is awarding a $50.00 Gift Certificate
* Dstroyr $75.00 Gift Certificate

3rd Place
* Baker Precision is awarding a $50.00 Gift Certificate
* HPS Silicone Hoses is awarding $40.00 Gift Certificate
* Dstroyr $50.00 Gift Certificate

We are limiting media personal to professionals/semi professionals that have good legitimate equipment. I.e. Point and shoot cameras will not be allowed track media credentials.

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