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SPD Has Started on Dai Yoshihara’s Subaru BRZ for 2014

One thing no one can deny…… Dai Yoshihara is having the worst year of his drifting career. Top 32 eliminations have been frequent and the whole team has just been quiet for one reason or the other. We broke a story back at SEMA 2012 that Dai Yoshihara will convert to a Subaru BRZ which was so long ago most of our readers I imagine have forgotten.

Well Falken Tire posted this up today showing that work has started up on the Subaru. No word on what engine package the car will be getting but we can imagine it will be on KW Suspension like most of the other FRS/BRZ cars in the Formula Drift field. Yoshioka has looked pretty good with his Tomei powered Subaru in the field this season which was built in a garage with hand tools and no lift. Will this Subaru help turn around the bad luck of Dai Yoshihara this season?

(7/26/13 UPDATE-5:22pm Hat Tip to commenter Oliver below pointed out Dai announced LS engine package but no details on HP, nitrous, etc..)

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Visiting Drift Wars in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Will Page

The Myrtle Beach Drift Series in South Carolina is by far one of the most laid
back event series on the East Coast. This month, Drift Wars took place where
the winner takes all!

This event gave around 12 drivers lots of seat time and allowed several of them
to offer ride alongs for bystanders. Since 2006 local drifters have called Myrtle
Beach Speedway home, and it was obvious. Several of these guys showed up
and ripped the infield to pieces.

ShowZone Driftsports, a major supporter for MB Drift, had their gorgeous S13 out
there driven by Christine Seprish. MBDRIFT is a great series for anyone in the
area to get their foot in the door drifting. From stock KA 240′s to 400whp stroked
sr’s, MBDRIFT is a place for anyone to come out and have some fun without
worrying about a thing. Joseph Love in the blue/grey RB swapped S14 took the money home!

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2013 Drift Mania Round 4 at Victoriaville [GALLERY]

Drift Mania Round 4 at Victoriaville brings out some of the closest tandem battles in the DMCC circuit. Pat Cyr continued the development on his Scion FR-S while Maxim Lemoine still performing well in his Chevrolet S10. Enjoy all our images from this past weekend of Drift Mania by following the link below.


Check out the Gallery:

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Ryan Tuerck Coverts to E85 Gasoline

Ryan Tuerck with the help of his tuning house Portland Speed Industries are taking the 2JZ powered Scion FR-S and converting it to a E85 race gas blend to finish off the 2013 drifting season. Not many drivers are running alternative fuels yet in Formula Drift but this might be the start of a new movement with no fuel regulations listed in the technical or sporting rulebook.

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Formula Drift Seattle with Off Track – Tony Angelo and Chris Forsberg v. Michael Essa [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck won the GoPro camera and Jenson Argyle walks around asking the drivers of Formula Drift which judge they would kill, bang, marry. Chris Forsberg and Michael Essa take home the run of the weekend where Chris put down an insane follow battle against Michael Essa. Tony Angelo is the highlighted driver in Off-Track to wrap up the Round 5 video.

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Who Cares Detroit is Bankrupt? Roosevelt Park is the new Home of a Pro Am Drift Event

The guys at Midwest Drift Union with the help of Import Image Racing are getting the streets of Detroit closed down for the third round of the Pro Am series. As far as we know this is the first Pro Am event taking place on a street circuit. The MDU event is $10 for spectators and kids under 12 are free. The event is capped at 40 drivers and we will keep you posted with track layouts/news on how things will be configured when it is released. Below is the Facebook event page for more info:

Event Info:

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2013 Irish Drift Championship Round 3 at Ennis Recap [VIDEO]

A great look with IDC TV from Round 3 at Ennis with a lengthy interview from FD star Darren McNamara along with several IDC locals. If you are wanting to meet and learn about Irish drifters competing in the new IDC series this video is the ticket. James Deane appears in the video as he won the Round 3 event and familiar Irish driver Mike Fitz also wound up on the podium for the weekend.

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Drift Favorites – 2013 – Mid Season Review

In 2012 we featured some of our favorite drift photos of the year in one big post. This year we’re going to split the idea into two. Here’s some of our favorites from the first half of 2013.


Chelsea DeNofa – Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta GA


Vaughn Gittin Jr – Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta GA


Michael Essa – Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta GA


Sean Morgan – Streetwise Drift – Metrolina Expo NC


Andrew Mensah  – Streetwise Drift ProAM – CFRC FL


Luis Lizardi Marco Telez – Streetwise Drift ProAM – CFRC FL


Brad Heyl – Streetwise Drift ProAM – CFRC FL


Daigo (not Diago you dummies) Saito – Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta GA


Daijiro Yoshihara – Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta GA


Austin Meeks – Streetwise Drift – Metrolina Expo NC


Tyler Clayton – Streetwise Drift – Metrolina Expo NC


Chris Forsberg Danny George – Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta GA


Daigo again because he’s awesome – Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta GA


Forrest Wang – Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta GA


Ben Lewallen – Streetwise Drift ProAM – zMax Dragway NC


Ron Ewerth – Streetwise Drift ProAM – zMax Dragway NC


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