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2013 Sonoma Drift Round 4 [RESULTS]

Round 4 of Sonoma Drift wrapped up this weekend bringing an end to the Sonoma Drift series. Formula Drift driver Calvin Wan who took home a victory on the same course during Formula Drift in 2005 provided the podium photo and was also a guest judge for the day. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Josh McQuire
2. Julian Dumay
3. Joe Farasati

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2013 Formula D Rookie of the Year status after 5 rounds [STANDINGS]

This year’s rookie chase is tighter than ever, but mostly due to lackluster results.

Canadian Marc Landreville is currently leading the chase despite only attending one FD event so far. Landreville has confirmed that he will be at Irwindale, with Texas being a possibility as well. Brandon Wicknick and Nate Hamilton have both made top 32 twice so far, which puts them just a few points behind Landreville, with both drivers committing to the remaining rounds. Mats Baribeau, Will Parsons, and Chris Jeanneret have all made a top 32 so far, and all are well within reach of taking the title with a Top 16 appearance. We could still see a jump from the ranks of a driver who has yet to score points with drivers like Rob Primozich, JR Hildebrande, or Luke Pakula simply needing to qualify for top 32 and possibly get lucky with a driver spinning or having a mechanical issue during the Top 32 tandem battle to tie Landreville. Landreville only earned 1% of the popular vote when we ran our poll in April about who our readers think would take the title.

Since the series switched to top-32 tandem in 2009, Odi Bakchis earned the Rookie of the Year title with the fewest points at 255. Unless a Landreville, Wicknick, or Hamilton were to earn back-to-back podiums, we are guaranteed to see a point total below that claiming the title.

Here’s a look at the points standings so far:

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Ryan Tuerck Qualifies 11th at BDC Round 4 at Lydden Hill [RESULTS]

BDC wrapped up qualifying in England earlier today at Lydden Hill Circuit. Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck drove his way to 11th place in his 2JZ powered monster for the weekend. Here is how the Super Pro series lined up:

1. Simon Perry
2. Walton Smith
3. Phil Morrison
4. Shane Lynch
5. Paul Smith
6. Wesley Keating
7. Mark Luney
8. Steve Moore
9. Michael Marshall
10. Stephen Biagioni
11. Ryan Tuerck
12. David Waterworth
13. Wayne Keeber
14. Marc Huxley
15. James Fuller
16. Paul Cheshire
17. Steve Evans
18. Paul Conlan
19. Mark Lappage
20. Christian Lewis

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Say Howdy! Get Rowdy! Episode 5 at Evergreen Speedway [VIDEO]

Watch Chelsea DeNofa tackle Evergreen Speedway with a new dogbox transmission and some huge struggles throughout practice. With his second qualifying run he banged out an 89 score locking him into 17th place for the Top 32 weekend. After some nighttime Friday night tandem he suffered through more transmission issues which led to a loss against Ken Gushi in the Top 32. With the help of Bergenholtz Racing it sounds like the car will have a solid setup for Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway.

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86FEST II: North America’s LARGEST 86 Gathering!
















This Sunday at 86FEST II: North America’s LARGEST 86 Gathering! Repost this FLYER EVENT LINK on Facebook Instagram to WIN TICKETS TO FORMULA DRIFT at IRWINDALE!

Hashtag #86FEST and #MotorMavens and #FormulaDrift, and tell your friends to follow these FB Pages. We’ll be awarding several tickets via Facebook and Instagram feeds every day until 86Fest! Winners can pick up their tickets at the Motor Mavens booth at 86Fest!

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Kyle Mohan Builds V8 Powered Mazda Rx-8 for China’s World Drift Series

Kyle Mohan has put together a LS3 powered Mazda Rx-8 which is being tested at Adams Motorsports Park this weekend and then shipped out to China for the World Drift Series. The main reason the rotary tuner is going with a LS3 we are told is to combat the poor gasoline situation in China. Finding high octane gas that is consistent is a huge struggle for race teams so the LS3 simplifies a ton of these issues. Kyle will continue to run a rotary in Formula Drift [lame] but has will be marketing the LS motor mounts for the swap kit to the public soon.

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Risk Takers x Chris Jeanneret team shirts are now available for Pre-order [BUY THIS]

RiskTakers clothing is sponsoring Chris Jeanneret and Kory Keezer in Formula D this season, and Jeanneret’s team is chasing the Rookie of the Year award. Just 30.25 points behind leader Marc Landreville with just two rounds left to go, Jeanneret and team are aiming to be the first ROTY from the Pacific Northwest. A portion of the proceeds from this t-shirt will go directly to the team. Support Risk Takers and Chris Jeanneret by buying the shirt HERE.

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Drift Mania Cancels Autodrome St-Eustache and Moves Event to St. Croix

The September 1st/2nd round 7 at Autodrome St-Eustache ha been moved to the St. Croix track. The St. Croix track was already home to Round 3 in July and the upcoming round 5 this weekend. This brings three of the eight DMCC rounds to the St. Croix track in 2013. How do DMCC fans feel about the change of venue?

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Ryan Tuerck and Darren McNamara Head to BDC Lydden Hill

Ryan Tuerck is heading to the BDC this weekend to compete in Round 4 at Lydden Hill. According to the flyers Darren McNamara is also confirmed but per a note on Facebook Darren said his rotary is down for a nice rebuild of seals which is his first service on the engine since 2011. No word 100% on what Ryan Tuerck is driving over the weekend but we are sure he will put up a good fight in BDC.

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2013 Maple Leaf Bash [GALLERY]

The big Canadian event Maple Leaf Bash went down over the past weekend at Autodrome St-Eustache. I captured a bunch of the tandem drifting action from the weekend as locals, DMCC pros, and fans have a great time over the weekend. The Canadian drift scene never has more fun than the Maple Leaf Bash weekend. Check out all my photos below.

Check out the Gallery:

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