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10 Things I Learned From Formula Drift Round 5 This Weekend

10. Falken Finally

You probably haven’t been keeping track but it has been a long time since Falken landed on the podium much less won an event. You would have to go back in time to June 2013 to find them on the podium at Wall, New Jersey before this weekend. Hell, the last event won by a Falken driver was Dai Yoshihara in 2013 at Streets of Long Beach. If you want to get even uglier with the math, it was back in 2012 when an actual teal/blue Falken car won an event. Have they turned around a new leaf? Is 2015 the season Falken takes back control of Formula Drift?

9. JEFF JONES! Jeffjones

I will also mention Jeff in #8 but he looked awesome this weekend. It’s always nice to see some solid progression from drivers we see year after year. He snags his first podium in Pro 2! He did fail to qualify for Pro so we didn’t get to see him turn it on Saturday afternoon which was a bummer.

8. Pro 2 Made a Poor Return for Round 2 

Formula Drift Pro 2 set the drifting world abuzz with its debut in Miami. Round 2 of the series was a little less glamorous and exciting for some odd reason or another. The driving just seemed a bit off and we rarely caught a close battle around the track. Even the local northwest drivers tended to disappoint a bit throughout the weekend. Some drivers did stand out like Rapper Dan Savage, Jeremy Lowe, and James Evans. Even more impressive was Jeff Jones who looked the best I have seen him in his Formula Drift career over the Pro 2 weekend finishing in 2nd place.
7. ARK Performance Cannot Catch a BreakDennisMertzanis.ARK

The ARK team just ran into more problems in Seattle. Patrick Mordaunt’s Hyundai Genesis did not show up for competition at all this weekend at Evergreen Speedway. Dennis Mertzanis crashed, failed to qualify for Pro, qualified for Pro 2, and then couldn’t run due to a quick trip to the ER for some personal medical issues. The Hyundai team just cannot snag a break this season.

6. Daigo Diaster Keeps On BuildingDaigoSaito

Daigo Saito…………… worst season ever. He does somehow manage to sit in 24th place in the championship but he has failed to qualify in two of the last three events and the other event he only made Top 32. I bet he is counting down the days until he gets to test his new car we have heard rumors about.

5. Dean Kearney Screwed in Final Round – Lead Car No Longer Dictates Battle?DeanKearney

Dean had his best career weekend of all time so I am sure he is still celebrating in Ireland. However, the whole debacle with the start line seems like it was handled the wrong way. I get that Darren has a RHD car and it’s probably harder to gauge distance of the two cars but Dean flicked into the bank on every single run all weekend. Where was his spotter with this information? Is Formula Drift going to limit how you enter the course? How is the lead car not dictating the course and way to start on track? It sounds like this could open a can of worms in the future but who knows in reality.

4. Matt Coffman Is Coming Together!MattCoffman

While most of the rookies disappointed me over this weekend I really fell in love with Matt Coffman. Yes, we have featured him in the magazine before and his talents seem quite clear to most people who watch him drive. Sadly, his Formula Drift career got off to quite a slow start I would say. He drew Chris Forsberg in the Top 32 and did lose but  really held his own. This makes me wonder if he can shake some of these mental mistakes that seem to be holding back one talented driver.

3. Chicane Turns Out to Be Positive

Talking to drivers they loved the chicane for the most part. Some thought the impact was minimal while others said it really helped keep cars closer together. Is Formula Drag Race officially dead?

2. Forsberg Breaks Podium Record Held by Tanner Foust


Chris Forsberg just went 5 for 5 this weekend with podiums. That breaks the Formula Drift record of 4 held by Tanner Foust and him before this weekend. Wow, his performance this year is just unreal. And wow, qualifying has shaken things up in how people are moving through the event this year in a big way. Can Chris go 7 for 7 at this point?


1. The Irish Domination

The Irish are dominate in drifting in a big way this weekend. They won BDC, Drift All-Stars, and Formula Drift with even more Irish drivers on the podium. What special drift sauce does that little island cook up anyway? Can the Irish domination of drifting continue worldwide into August?

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2014 Formula Drift Round 5 Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]

KennethMoen BrandonWicknick JCastro


Enjoy some of David Moore’s shots from practice and qualifying from Formula Drift Seattle! Sit back and enjoy tons of images as the drivers fight in the northwest to qualify for the big show at Evergreen Speedway.

Check out the Gallery:

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Gatebil 2014 – The Event of Events [VIDEO]

This is one awesome event weekend known as Gatebil in Norway. Here is a great video showing off some of the fun and excitement that is Gatebil. Sit back and enjoy one of the most fun events you can find.

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2014 British Drift Championship Round 3 at Teeside [RESULTS]

The Irish domination even carried over into the British Drift Championship this weekend. Another event won by Ireland’s very own Shane O’Sullivan saw the Irish win all the major events of the weekend around the world. Teeside was quite an entertaining track for the weekend and this is how all the various series groups finished up:

Super Pro:
1st: Shane O’Sullivan
2nd: Steve Biagioni
3rd: Matt Carter



1st: Oliver Silcock
2nd: Antony Mortley
3rd: Dan Firmager
Semi Pro:
1st: Steven Donnelly
2nd: Tony Walker
3rd: Adam Simmons

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2014 Formula Drift Pro 2 Round 2 at Seattle [GALLERY]

JamesEvans.MattCoffman JuhaRintanen EricHill

Pro 2 gallery captured by David Moore who was on the scene for practice, qualifying, and the big Pro 2 competition. Jeff Jones drove his way to a first time podium in his Formula Drift history with the Sikky Drivers putting a stamp of authority on Pro 2 as well. Check out the link below to enjoy all of the Formula Drift Pro 2 coverage from Round 2 at Evergreen Speedway.

Check out the Gallery:

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