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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Builds 2015 F-150 for Drifting and Jumping – Debuts at SEMA

Vaughn Gittin Jr. street truck

Vaughn Gittin Jr. owns and has built about 400 Ford Mustang’s at this point in his life. The thought of building another one might just put him to sleep at this point. The car was put together with some assistance from KibbTech who formulated a custom suspension for the new F150. How long do we have to wait until we can see a drift video with this thing?

“I love trucks, and to build one that has daily on- and off-road capabilities, as well as drifting and jumping capabilities is something I have always wanted to do,” said Vaughn. “I am really pumped to get crazy in this F-150 at SEMA this year.”

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Watch Formula Drift Australia via Livestream


It’s early in the morning right now in Australia! Check out Mad Mike Whiddett’s insane build along with many others internationals competing at the World Time Attack weekend in Australia. Follow the link below and you can get a full dose of drifting post Irwindale.


Watch now:

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Makes A Wild Lap Around Irwindale [VIDEO]

Here is a Vaughn Gittin Jr. lap around the new layout for Irwindale Speedway. He puts in a ton of wheel work on his Ford Mustang RTR to skirt around the course in practice. It is interesting to watch this run and the run of Forrest Wang from the same day and see the work rate difference in the drivers.

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2014 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year – Geoff Stoneback


Rookie of the Year started out as a great race for glory in 2014. As the events ticked by it kind of turned into a one horse race with Geoff Stoneback throwing down some all out domination on the field. Geoff finished the season in 24th place with 137 points while second place was Alec Hohnadell only sitting on 71.50 points for 2014.

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2014 Formula DRIFT Banquet Awards

– 1st Place: Dan Savage

– 2nd Place: Geoff Stoneback

– 3rd Place: Jeremy Lowe

– PRO2 Comeback of the Year (how you qualifying to how you finish; biggest jump): Jeremy Lowe – 14th to finish 4th at Round 1: Miami Heat

– PRO2 Top Qualifier of the Year (highest qualifying percentage): Dan Savage – Average qualification of 3rd

– PRO2 Ace of the Year (most head to head wins): TIED Geoff Stoneback Dan Savage – 8 wins in 11 matches

– PRO2 Top Gun Driver of the Year (highest head to head win percentage): Brandon Wicknick – 85.71%, 6 wins in 7 matches

– Best Drifting Style: Forrest Wang

– Best Personal Style: Ryan Tuerck

– Crew Member of the Year: Brian Wilkerson

– Team Manager of the Year: Stephen Papadakis

– Spirit of Drifting: Forrest Wang

– Hardest Charging Driver of the Year: Chelsea DeNofa

2014 FORMULA DRIFT PRO CHAMPIONSHIP (Voted on by almost 10,000 fans)
– Fan Favorite Driver of the Year: Fredric Aasbo

– Fan Favorite Car of the Year: Forrest Wang

– Comeback of the Year (qualifying rank to finishing position; biggest jump): Daigo Saito – Qualified 29th to 1st Place Win at Round 7: Final Fight

– Most Improved Driver of the Year (2013 ranking to 2014 ranking): Dean Kearney – 29th in 2013 to 8th in 2014

– Top Qualifier of the Year (highest qualifying percentage): Chris Forsberg – 3.7 average

– Ace of the Year (most head to head wins): Fredric Aasbo – 25 wins of 30 matches

– Top Gun Driver of the Year (highest head to head win percentage): Fredric Aasbo – 83%

– Rookie of the Year: Geoff Stoneback




EXEDY CLUTCH CONTINGENCY: $10,780 Vaughn Gittin Jr. / $4,620 Kyle Mohan

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2014 Formula Drift Most Improved Driver of the Year – Dean Kearney


Dean Kearney won Most Improved Driver of 2014 which was based on improvement in championship standings. Dean Kearney was sitting in 29th place at the end of the 2013 Formula Drift season and managed to drive himself into 8th place this year. A 21 place jump in the season standings earned Dean this award in his Oracle Lighting x Achilles Dodge Viper.

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Formula Drift Top Qualifier of 2014 – Chris Forsberg


Chris Forsberg turned up his qualifying game this season in a big way! His average qualifying position for the 2014 season was 3.7 on average which helped him win the championship against Fredric Aasbo who failed to gain as many points in qualifying. Chris looked pretty insane on Friday during most rounds of Formula D this season.

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2014 Formula Drift Ace of the Year – Fredric Aasbo


This award is given to the driver with the most head to head tandem victories over a season. Fredric Aasbo took home the most in 2014 winning 25 of his 30 matches across 2014. It must be a bitter sweet victory to think you won more tandem battles than the champion but fell just short even after beating him so many times in one season.

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Faruk Kugay – A Pro Am Drift Journey [VIDEO]

Tune in and watch a great drifter documentary on Faruk Kugay who does battle at Golden Gate Drift Round 4 to secure his Formula Drift Pro 2 license. Faruk Kugay sold everything he owned to build a S14 Nissan 240sx with a 1JZ engine. He then finished second in the GGD Formula Drift Pro Am sanctioning series for 2014. Follow the journey of a drifter who is risking it all to make it into the big show of Formula Drift one day!

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Forrest Wang’s Top Qualifying Lap at Irwindale [VIDEO]

Here is one awesome qualifying lap from Forrest Wang at Formula Drift Round 7 at Irwindale Speedway. His minimal steering corrections and big angle make for one awesome lap around the House of Drift. Sit back and watch this one over and over again.

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