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Formula DRIFT Episode 5


Formula DRIFT Episode 5 Wall Speedway Premiering on July 30 at 12:00 PM EST on CBS Sports Network.

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2016 Formula Drift Round 5 in Canada [GALLERY]




Don’t miss all of our Formula Drift Canada coverage that was captured by our favorite Canadian photographer Jeremy Glover! He did an awesome job capturing the drama and drinking of Redbull that went down over the event weekend. Don’t miss an image by checking out our complete gallery below.

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10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift’s Canada Invasion

10. Justin PAWLAKKKKK – WOW!
Justin Pawlak’s drifting was on another planet this weekend. He looked to be back to his old insane FC Mazda RX-7 style that everyone just loved so much. Perhaps he is just growing into the S550 Ford Mustang chassis? Either way, if he can keep it together a little more I think he is a serious threat for the remaining part of 2016. Let’s also not forget to mention, he threw in some super insane entry against Vaughn following that didn’t quite work out, then managed to catch up to Vaughn and he tried to punt him off the track. Love it! If you go back into qualifying videos and watch his runs you will be impressed 100%.

9. Odi Bakchis Has Turned a Hyundai into Gold
After years and years of watching people struggle to drift a Hyundai chassis you really have to tip the hat to Odi Bakchis as a suspension wizard. He makes his Genesis couple look and drift just like his Nissan 240sx and probably needs to receive a couple million dollars of Hyundai marketing money to help continue making their platform look so viable. Odi would be in the championship chase for me this year if he wasn’t just so conservative in his tandem chases sometimes. He needs to break that mental barrier of conservative in his head and find that bit of flair and he could run the whole way. He did really step up the game I felt like this weekend and should be recognized for it.

8. The Best Commentary Setup in Formula Drift History
Two things made this the best commentated event in Formula Drift history and I just hope Formula Drift can figure out how to keep doing it the future. #1, Ryan L. as a judge explaining things is genius even though I feel like it could pull away from his judging focus. Explanations are great and at least informing people is a huge plus (although I doubt most are listening/paying attention). #2 and more important is that Formula Drift had live commentary for the crowd itself. That means that Ryan Sage and Jarod DeAnda could focus on broadcasting a TV like show over the air and it worked like a charm. Nothing makes everyone want to turn off the Livestream more than when Jarod is asking for people to do the wave at Irwindale and you are sitting in your parents damp basement eating a PBJ sandwich. The overall quality of production just seemed so much better and it was great to hear the crowd randomly roaring up without being prompted in my ear. Just my .02 cents on that.

7. Don’t Call it A Comeback – #1 Qualifier
It sounds like most people have chalked up his whole retirement as a big joke at this point considering it lasted less than 10 days I think. Either way, Forrest came out without skipping a beat and qualified first again. Not sure what else to say here but clearly Forrest and his team are taking Formula Drift as serious as they were before all the New Jersey drama.

6. Alec Hohandell – The Most Promising Loser 
In my whole life watching Formula Drift I don’t think I have ever been so impressed with a Top 16 loser until Alec Hohnadell this weekend. I know I have been hyped on this kid forever but all his talents are coming to the surface. I just love how he was unfazed by Forsberg and really brought it together through the OMT battle. What I did notice was Alec really lost by a lack of experience and analysis in my opinion. Forsberg went back and clearly identified where he could tandem closer and put more pressure on Alec. Forsberg successful executed that plan and got a win. Alec in the OMT battle went out and did the same thing he did in the first runs more or less. Alec just needs that veteran experience and he can be a champion. The talent is on display for everyone to see but he just needs that last bit of vision to break down those big battles.

5. Mad Mike Deserves to Catch A Break This Year
When it rains it pours? What a tough two events for Mad Mike. A blown engine in New Jersey followed by a terrible crash in Canada that saw him limp into qualifying. The car didn’t look to be in perfect form in tandem competition either. It was a tough one to watch but I am sure his crew will be in serious prep mode so he can deliver a great Seattle performance.

Screenshot 2016-07-16 13.55.40
4. Michael Essa Crash Raises Questions
This was a really tough battle for me to analyze and I had to watch it again and again. The judges are forced to give Vaughn Gittin Jr. the win but he clearly made a mistake on entry and just managed to save his car while Michael Essa was committed to following him and got the bad side of it. I don’t think, by any means Vaughn Gittin, or any driver would use that as a winning strategy but is their some way you can look to assigning fault for a major mistake like that to a lead driver? It was just a really weird situation that I couldn’t really come to an answer from over the weekend. Would the judging call of been different if Essa hits Vaughn first and then the wall? I don’t really know.

3. I Might Love Fredric Aasbo Again 
Okay, Fredric Aasbo can be the most boring drifter in the world but he is really has some amazing talent behind the wheel. Even though I sometimes think his conservative Rhys Millen esque drifting could put a baby to sleep he did put on a little more of a style show this weekend in Montreal. I also just continue to be so impressed with how “in the zone” he seems to get at an event. I’m a big fan again for now.

2. 27 Drivers Kind of Sucked – Bring in Top FD Canada Kids Next Year
While I love the 32 driver field this season……the Top 26 or whatever we saw this weekend was a suck fest. Fine margins make all the difference in a professional sport and this went the wrong way. Having the top five drivers getting a bye run is ridiculous and made the Top 32 kind of weak. The only respectable battle for my money was Castro vs. Forsberg and even that wasn’t a set the world on fire performance from either of them. I get customs, strict law violations/enforcements, high costs, and other issues will limit the field for the future in Canada. Personally as a team, I wouldn’t consider going without some serious sponsor backing or a championship chase in my grasp. So let’s accept this and allow the top guys in FD Canada a one round provisional to run with the best in the world and maybe shake some things up. Why not, eh?

1. Championship Chase is Down to 3 – Chris Forsberg, Fredric Aasbo, Vaughn Gittin Jr.
Sorry Odi Bakchis but I feel this is a three way dance at this point after you failed to win this past weekend. Forsberg, Aasbo, and Gittin have all the pressure of the world on them as we roll into Seattle. It is almost a who is going to blink or mess up first level of intensity. I think it could go either way at anytime so keep an eye on these guys in Seattle.

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Formula DRIFT Round 5: True North Results

Formula DRIFT Round 5: True North Results;
Fredric Aasbo Takes the Win to Move Within 3 Points of the Championship Lead


Long Beach, Calif. – July 16, 2016 – Formula DRIFT presented by BlackVue held their first international event as part of the Pro Championship in Canada at Autodrome St-Eustache. Fredric Aasbo in the Rockstar Energy / Nexen Tire Scion tC took the victory and moves within 3 points of the leader in the standings with only three events remaining in the 2016 season.

In one of the most action packed and competitive rounds of competition, Round 5: True North brought the top drifting talent in the world into Canada to a sold out crowd. The Livestream drew over 360,000 views.

“For our first international Pro Championship event we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout,” said Jim Liaw, President of Formula DRIFT. “We are proud to have brought international drifting stars such as Fredric Aasbo from Norway, Mike Whiddett from New Zealand, Dean Kearney from Ireland, Charles Ng from China, Robbie Nishida from Japan, and many more into Canada. The drivers drove their hearts out tonight and put on one amazing event.”

The event culminated into a highly competitive Top 4 battle that saw four drivers all within striking distance of the championship. Odi Bakchis in the ARK Performance / Feal Suspension / Falken Tire Hyundai Genesis faced current champion, Fredric Aasbo. Bakchis had a bobble in his chase run that helped move the champion into the Finals. 2-time champion, Chris Forsberg in the NOS Energy / Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z met the 2010 champion, Vaughn Gittin in the Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR in the semi-finals. Forsberg got his revenge from Round 4 and outdrove his opponent to make it to the finals and onto the podium for his fourth consecutive time this season. Aasbo and Forsberg put it all on the line in the Finals with a very close and competitive battle. Aasbo’s consistency throughout the evening proved to be the deciding factor as he took advantage on a slight mistake from Forsberg to take the victory, his third podium this season, and moves within 3 points of the point leader, Gittin. Bakchis moves up to the fourth spot overall.

“Wow! What an amazing night!,” said Fredric Aasbo, winner of Round 5: True North. “Some of the most diehard and knowledgeable drift fans are out here in Montreal. We were able to scrape through the battles. What an amazing win for the team.”

Round 5: True North Event Results
1. Aasbo, Fredric Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire SR by Toyota tC Winner
2. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z 2nd Place
3. Bakchis, Aurimas Ark Performance / Feal Suspension / Falken Hyundai Genesis 3rd Place
4. Gittin, Vaughn Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR 4th Place
5. Wang, Forrest Get Nuts Lab / Hankook Tire Nissan 240 5th Place
6. Tuerck, Ryan Gumout / Nameless Performance / Hankook Tire SR by Toyota FR-S 6th Place
7. Yoshihara, Dai Falken Tire / Turn 14 Subaru BRZ 7th Place
8. Coffman, Matt Coffman Racing Nissan 240 8th Place
9. Pawlak, Justin Roush Performance Ford Mustang 9th Place
10. DeNofa, Chelsea BC Racing / GT Radial BMW 10th Place
11. Hohnadell, Alec Enjuku / Get Nuts Lab / Nexen Tire Nissan 240 11th Place
12. Goodin, Pat ISR Performance / BC Racing / Falken Tire Nissan 240 12th Place
13. Stoneback, Geoff CFR / Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z 13th Place
14. Gushi, Ken GReddy Racing / Nexen Tire SR by Toyota 86 14th Place
15. Kearney, Dean Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper 15th Place
16. Moore, Cameron Cameron Moore Drift / Lexus SC300 16th Place

2016 Formula DRIFT Championship Presented by BlackVue Standings After 5 Events
1. Gittin, Vaughn Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR 365.00 Points
2. Aasbo, Fredric Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire SR by Toyota tC 362.00 Points
3. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z 335.00 Points

2016 Manufacturer Championship Standings After 5 Events
1. SR by Toyota 617.00 Points
2. Ford 508.00 Points
3. Nissan 456.00 Points
4. BMW 351.00 Points
5. Mazda 208.00 Points
6. Chevrolet 169.00 Points
7. Dodge 153.00 Points
8. Infiniti 138.00 Points
9. Lexus 104.00 Points

2016 Tire Championship Standings After 5 Events
1. Nexen 676.00 Points
2. Falken 576.00 Points
3. Hankook 563.00 Points
4. Nitto 535.00 Points
5. Achilles 436.00 Points
7. GT Radial 284.00 Points

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2016 Formula Drift Round 5 in Montreal [RESULTS]


Fredric Aasbo found his way back to the top of the podium with a great and solid performance all day. He just didn’t make any mistakes and mirrored all the drivers he battled near flawlessly. Here is how they finished up today at the first ever Montreal race:

1. Fredric Aasbo
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Odi Bakchis
4. Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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2016 Formula Drift Round 5 in Canada Qualifying [RESULTS]


Forrest Wang got pretty wild with a top qualifying run after coming out of retirement (watch run). Only 28 drivers made the trek over the border and just 27 of them managed to get a score. Tyler McQuarrie crashed in practice and was unable to fix the car before his qualifying runs. The notable drivers we documented missing from this weekend were Pat Morduant, Kristaps Bluss, Alex Heilbrunn, Kenneth Moen, and Jeff Jones were all missing from the roster. Local star Marc Landerville was added to the competition this weekend and he managed to qualify 11th. Here is how the scores stacked up:

1. Forrest Wang 92
2. Ryan Tuerck 89
3. Justin Pawlak 89
4. Chelsea DeNofa 88
5. Fredric Aasbo 88
6. Dai Yoshihara 88
7. Alec Hohnadell 87
8. Odi Bakchis 86
9. Matt Field 85
10. Chris Forsberg 85
11. Marc Landerville 84
12. Pat Goodin 84
13. Matt Coffman 83
14. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 83
15. Kyle Mohan 81
16. Andrew Gray 81
17. Geoff Stoneback 81
18. Ken Gushi 80
19. Michael Essa 80
20. Charles Ng 79
21. Robbie Nishida 79
22. Dean Kearney 79
23. J Castro 77
24. Cameron Moore 75
25. Mad Mike Whiddett 73
26. Faruk Kugay 70
27. Juha Rintanen 56
28. Tyler McQuarrie 0 (DNR)

Left Bracket
Forrest Wang vs. BYE
Andrewy Gray vs. Geoff Stoneback
Odi Bakchis vs. Mad Mike Whiddett
Matt Field vs. Cameron Moore
Chelsea DeNofa vs. BYE
Matt Coffman vs. Charles Ng
Fredric Aasbo vs. BYE
Pat Goodin vs. Robbie Nishida

Right Bracket
Ryan Tuerck vs. BYE
Kyle Mohan vs. Ken Gushi
Alec Hohnadell vs. Faruk Kugay
Chris Forsberg vs. J Castro
Justin Pawlak vs. BYE
Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Michael Essa
Dai Yoshihara vs. Juha Rintanen
Marc Landerville vs. Dean Kearney

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